EMECIS master theses will be written and defended in English language. Each student will be jointly supervised by two advisors, one by UTC and one by UNIGE.
The work will be carried out either at UNIGE or at UTC, in some cases in strict collaboration with companies, and however independently by the university where the student is registered.
The master theses must be done individually and contain elements of original work.
The master theses must be defended in front of a committee of experts.
Hereinafter, a list of current active thesis are listed.

Detection and Localization of unauthorized drones

Supervisors: Rogelio Lozano, Boris Vidolov, Pedro Castillo

Computational models of expressivity and affective content of human movement for advanced multimedia interfaces

Ref. prof. Antonio Camurri

Analysis of biometric and automotive data and their relationship with at risk behaviours and near miss accidents

Ref: prof. Roberto Sacile

Optimal and robust control of agent teams

Ref. prof. Roberto Sacile


Dynamic assignment models based on the availability of on-line traffic information

Ref: prof. Riccardo Minciardi

Modeling and Prediction of Emergent Behaviors in Distributed Robotic Systems

Ref: Prof. Armando Tacchella